Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Trial - Day 7

Trial - day 7 events:

I was not at the trial for day 6 testimony. You can review a summary of the events in the Concord Monitor.

The prosecution called Anthony Dorothy, a career criminal and convicted child molester. The prosecution ran through his extensive criminal record which included 2 escape attempts, 3 counts of sexual assault of a minor, theft, possession of a firearm while on supervised release etc. The rap sheet on this guy goes back 16 years. He has had his sentences reduced several times by turning informant on several people. Each time he was “not promised any leniency” by the prosecutors, but of course, he received it. Each time there was a successful conviction he received a 5 year reduction in his sentence. What was ironic about these reductions was that he was let out on supervised release much sooner and subsequently committed more crimes (what a deal the public got for their federal tax dollars hard at work). He is currently facing up to a 19 year sentence on a conviction out of Michigan. He testified that he had approximately 12 conversations with Danny and that he told him the following:

  1. That he helped to make zip guns (from prior testimony, no DNA or fingerprints of Danny’s were found on anything).

  2. Delivered a 12 gauge shotgun to the Browns.

  3. Placed 1 lb Tannerite bombs around the property (previous testimony from Daniel Tanner identified that Danny had ordered ½ lb Tannerite targets).

  4. Assembled cans with nails taped to them (again, no DNA or fingerprints).

Dorothy told the jury that he was promised “a letter” from the Prosecution that could be used at a sentence reduction hearing by his federal lawyer or his state lawyer back in Michigan but that he was not “promised” leniency in return for his testimony (Riiiight, and how long can you tread water?). On cross examination it was revealed that he was transferred from Michigan to the Strafford County Jail on 2/15 and to the very same housing pod that a high profile federal inmate was awaiting trial. He was only at the jail for 6 days in total and happened to compile all of the above information in that short period of time (Riiight, looks like and smells like a setup by the feds). Dorothy described a well throughout plan he came up with to escape from jail in which an outside accomplice placed a sawed off shotgun above the ceiling tiles of a bathroom in the hospital he was to visit the next day to get a cast removed from his leg (brilliant!). This guy was, to me, a portrait of evil, a career false witness and cunning career criminal. As far as Mr. Dorothy’s credibility goes? Not much. (here is his Michigan Rap Sheet)

Evil Incarnate

Anthony Dorothy

Next witness was Kenneth Nunes, a Deputy US Marshal assigned to the Ed and Elaine Brown case since January 2007. This witness was stationed in the Command Post during the “Botched” arrest attempt of Ed and Elaine on 6/7/2007 (see log from that day). The plan was to arrest Ed as he came down the driveway on his tractor to get the mail then to call Elaine out once they had Ed. They had been doing “covert” surveillance of the area for some time before that and they had setup a hidden camera in the woods across the road from the driveway since 5/24/2007. Mr. Nunes mentioned he was watching the live video feed from the camera at the end of the drive way on the morning of 6/7/2007. He mentioned that there we some 50 agents on or near the property on that day and the day before as well as two aircraft. He said that the USM personnel had “inserted” into the area at around 3:30 am on the morning of 6/6 but that an opportunity to arrest Ed had not come about that day and they left the area close to sundown. They “inserted” again on then next day at about the same time to try the plan again. He said the plan included an arrest team at the end of the driveway and a blocking team further up the driveway. He said the arrest team was armed with “less lethal weapons” On cross examination he conceded that the teams were also armed with lethal weapons and that he wasn’t trained on less than lethal weapons although he said he seen what looked like one back at the CP. Sven Wiberg, Danny’s lawyer, played the mulit-segment video recording that was captured from the driveway camera on that morning (youtube clip here). Mr. Nunes was able to read the timestamp imprinted on the upper right corner of segment 1 that showed the time as being 6/7/2007 8:00AM, he could read it easily and clearly. For some reason, when the second segment started to play, the timestamp became blurry and Mr. Numes was no longer able to read the timestamp. Mr Wiberg also pointed out that segment 1 and 2 had some overlap. Mr. Numes was able to point out weapons that looked similar to the M4, he was also able to point out the puff of smoke from a shot.

Mr Numes was also one of the agents that responded to the incident where Jason got in a car accident while driving Elaine’s car. He described how he seized the car because it belonged to a “known fugitive”. He also described the incident at the Lebanon police station the following day in which Jason was trying to file a stolen vehicle complaint against the Marshals. He described how Jason went into a "mini rant" about how the laws they were enforcing were unconstitutional. He mentioned that Jason said they were enemies of the constitution and therefore guilty of treason and the penalty for treason is death. On cross examination it was noted that those statements were attributed to Ed Brown by Jason and not his statements. It was also noted that the Marshals had seized the car without any kind of court order, or any kind of paperwork. Stranding Jason and two female companions without transportation.

Mr. Nunes then described how he surveilled Danny going to Home Depot and then to Walmart. He noted that Danny came out of Walmart with a large envelope. They then went into the Walmart to the photo department and downloaded the photos that remained in the memory on the digital photo kiosk. They revealed that Danny had blown up a portrait of Ed and Elaine Brown (big whoop!).

End of day 7.

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  1. Have to say that is a really nice picture of Ed & Elaine. Don't the FEDS have anything better to do but follow people around the Local shopping venues. Oh yeah they do have better things to do tamper with evidence and make up different reasons as to why they are on the Brown's property on this time frame oh wait that time frame.