Saturday, December 8, 2007

Pre-Trial Hearing Held on 12/7

The Federal District Court Judge ("Captain") Singal held a hearing 12/7 in Concord, NH. The hearing was listed on the docket as a "Change of Plea" hearing of Robert Wolffe.

Docket Entry:
NOTICE OF HEARING as to Robert Wolffe: Change of Plea Hearing set for 12/7/2007 01:30PM before Chief Judge George Z. Singal at the Rudman Courthouse, Concord, NH. (dae) Entered: 11/26/2007)

The hearing turned out to be a court appointed lawyer firing session by the defendants. Wolffe filed a notice of termination of Paul Garrity as his lawyer and Danny had his lawyer relegated to "stand by" status and will be proceeding Sui Juris.

Federal District Court, Robert Wolffe Notice of Termination of Attorney

So much for the wildly gossiped about plea agreements and proffer follies (sorry to let the boot lickers over at Quatloos down).

Another hearing has been scheduled on the docket for 1/8/2008:
NOTICE OF HEARING as to Daniel Riley, Jason Gerhard, Cirino Gonzalez, Robert Wolffe: Preliminary Pretrial Conference set for 1/8/2008 02:30 PM before Chief Judge George Z. Singal in Portland, Maine. (jar) (Entered: 12/07/2007)

Thanks to Joe, Bernie, Lauren, Jim and Dave for the micro protest and excellent reporting at the court house.

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