Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Defense Witnesses?

Well, one thing that has been very special about this trial, in addition to the sudden imposition of ID checks at the court house door, has been the unusual amount of goings on in judges chambers outside of the public view.

Yesterday we were suppose to see Elaine Brown called to the stand but it looks like that is not going to happen. It seems that this judge doesn't want any witness to take the 5th on the stand in front of the jury so almost all of the defense witnesses that were on the Brown property are taking the 5th and not being allowed to testify. The prosecution is using this as a tool to effectively shutdown most of the defense witnesses (isn't that special?). Immunity anyone? (Not likely.)

So now we have a situation were the jury will not hear extremely relevant testimony because having a witness plead the 5th on the stand would make the defendants look innocent (and we just can't have that). Yet without their testimony this trial is beginning to look like a joke (but I will reserve judgement until all of this case has been presented to the jury).

God bless

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  1. Thank you for posting summaries of each day of the trial. Hopefully the jury will see through this sham. At least we can hope that this judge is making so many mistakes that if they do find the Freedom Three guilty there will be plenty to use on appeal. God bless you.