Sunday, April 20, 2008

Matt Kazee, 33rd Parallel News Interview

From left to right, Danny, Matt Kazee and Terry Melton in NYC at ground zero on 9/11/07, the day before Danny was arrested


  1. bill,danny made a video on the morning of july 29th .this video shows the corner of the carriage house and there is no tannerite baggie hanging there. (video poste on my myspace site shows at 2:10 the corner of carriage house.I told the defense that ed brown hung these tannerite baggies on tuesday aug 16th.Danny and jason were not there only elaine ed and I. I left the following Saturday Nite.One of the reasons among seversal others was ed hanging one over my rv from the corner of the carriage house. I also told this to scoop in an email . There are many things I may be able to clear up for you. Terry. keith and Donna have my number and email address if you want to talk.

    Jim /old Buck

  2. I know you dont think much of me Bill, but I think the world of your brother Daniel, I dont know what it is that you think how I may had screwed things up for you or for Danny but following his simple requests of posting his letters to the public that clearly marked REPOST...anyways I have a handful of private letters he has sent to me that I would like to forward you, that proves what an outstanding man he truely is in his honesty, admitting to a few things he himself isnt exactly proud of, as far as being guliable enough to believe the lawyers they sat him up with, these letters prove he was intimidated by marshals to cooperate and entrapment as well. I think when it is time to appeal they will be useful to you and yours.
    thank you and your family.