Monday, October 15, 2007

Pretrial Legal Documents

Federal Investigators Affidavit
Federal Indictment

Daniel J. Riley Affidavit of Events at 401 center of Town Rd
Federal District Court Defendant Pretrial Motions
State Court Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus


  1. Undisputed fact: If you aid criminals you can go to jail.

    Undisputed fact: If you live in America and don't pay taxes (law or not) you are criminal.

    I don't understand what your defense will be. You can't fight taxes when you are on the wrong side of the law.

  2. Jason, you're an un-American pile of crap.

    You said:
    "If you live in America and don't pay taxes (law or not) you are criminal."

    "law or not"?! Did you even read what you wrote Jason, you un-American criminal scum.

  3. Jason, if there is no law that states you have to pay an income tax,then who is the criminal? I would think that makes the goverment the criminal.I don't think you are an un-american pile of crap.Your problably like most people and do as your told.What you should do is some research on the case.Then maybe you would have a diffrent point of view.

  4. Jason,

    There is no law requiring you to pay an income tax.

    The Supreme Court ruled on this exactly 100 years ago, and the ruling has never changed.

    In the case of the Browns, the presiding judge knew this and deliberately suppressed evidence which proved it, so that a Jury could not see the evidence, which would have resulted in the Browns being exonerated.

    Twenty five other Americans have been found not guilty of the same charges over the past few years, including a former IRS investigator by the name of Joe Banister.

    There are millions of people in this country who are now challenging the legitimacy of the IRS and Federal Reserve and refusing to pay their taxes.

    Aaron Russo's superb documentary America From Freedom To Fascism has helped to initiate a tax revolt in this country which is now underway.

    And cases such as Ed and Elaine Browns' are only helping to fuel this situation, given that the FBI, IRS and US Congress refuse to answer a simple question:

    Where is the law that authorizes the IRS to impose an income tax on the wages of the American worker?

    THERE IS NO LAW! Which makes the IRS, the Federal Reserve Bank, and the US Congress the criminals here.

    All they had to do was to show us the LAW. The situation is that simple.

    Once again, they have looked to skirt the issue because there is NO LAW authorizing the IRS to impose a tax on the income of the American people.

    As the 16th Century Playwrite Voltaire once wrote, it is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.

    Never has this quotation been more prevalent than in the present situation with those Americans who attempt to promulgate the truth in regard to the IRS and Federal Reserve Bank Frauds, and the US Congresses aiding and abetting them in covering this treasonous crime up.


  5. "I don't think you are an un-american pile of crap.Your problably like most people and do as your told.What you should do is some research on the case.Then maybe you would have a diffrent point of view."

    I think you're giving Jason too much credit here. He wrote "law or not", meaning even if there is no law, you are a criminal if you don't pay taxes. I stand by the statement that he is an un-American pile of crap.

  6. If a person does not pay taxes they are prosecuted as a criminal. If they are convicted they are a criminal.

    Aiding a criminal is against the law.

    If there is no law requiring Americans to pay taxes then it should be argued from court, not from jail.

    If Danny is going to throw the "there is no law" line as his defense, I don't think he will get very far.

    He aided people that were already convicted in court of breaking a law.

    He could have helped them by going to college and becoming an attorney or many other ways. He could have helped them without breaking the law himself.

    I think he will have a difficult time proving his innocence. Then he will only contribute to the confusion and doubt, and people will see him prosecuted and see that is what happens if you aid criminals, and that is what happens if you oppose taxes.

    There are many ways to oppose taxes and going to jail is not the most effective way.

  7. If there is no law;cohoesOctober 18, 2007 at 11:39 PM

    Jason,if you have paid attention to this case from the very beginning,you would know that the law was not allowed in the court room.I also believe danny has a college degree,and he is a marine.Danny has won a case in the past.when a city tried to take his guns away.If i remember right,he was his own lawyer.If he goe's to prison,then he will be known as a great patriot who sacrificed himself for a cause greater then himself.You could problably learn something from him,like standing up for what is right.I have a feeling your one of those guys that are afraid to paddle against the current.Even when you know your heading for a waterfall.The sad part is that people forget that this country was supposed to be governed by the people not by law makers.When will we realize that we have the power?I HOPE BEFORE IT IS TO LATE.Jason i hope your not as closed minded as you sound.

  8. if ther is no law;cohoesOctober 18, 2007 at 11:43 PM

    Before it's not to late.... sorry.

    Passed by Congress July 2, 1909. Ratified February 3, 1913.

    Note: Article I, section 9, of the Constitution was modified by amendment 16.

    The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.