Thursday, October 25, 2007

Plaintiff Files Motion to Continue Trial

Federal District Court, Motion to Continue Trial
Federal District Court, Motion to Continue Trial Exhibit 1
Federal District Court, Motion to Continue Trial Exhibit 2


  1. Plea.


    There is enough here to send you to jail a very long time.

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  3. Actually, in reading Danny's Habeas some facts I did not know about came into the light of day. He is as of today winning this case. He did not enter a plea, the Judge did. He tried to refuse the Attorney and the Judge forced him to accept the Attorney. No consent at 636 no jurisdiction. If he did not sign anything, he is in GOOD shape. And if he has then he must revoke those signatures and power of attorney. The issue is Civil contrary to Habeas claim. Roman Civil to be exact. The "crime" is against no one, and the State can be victim only through contract by presumption of federal citizenship. Another Habeas to the United States Supreme Court may be in order. WELL DONE..... The real reason for the Judges to run from this case.

  4. Bill listening to you on RBN and you are so right!

  5. Danny is far from winning this case. His Habeas corpus was thrown out and will not be reviewed on appeal at any level. He will face the charges laid out against him with overwhelming evidence. If he does not plea down to a lesser charge he will be in jail a very long time.

    Ed and Elaine Brown are, of course, beyond hope. They will spend the rest of their lives in jail. 63 months will morph into 63 years easy.

  6. anyone who tells the feds where the alleged pipe bombs are is a snitch and is only singing for the saving of their own asses why should we support a wimp like this? who crys like a baby when caught and is full of bravado when free? The feds stole 3 of my kids froze my bank account poisned my wife hauledoff my van and made me homeless Have any of you heard this story? NO cause I dont whine about it I know full well the hazards of my profession its the price of freedom......

  7. Wow must take a big man to endanger your wife and kids. *sigh* if half the shit you guys made up was true you would be terrible people. Luckily its all delusions.

  8. Trent is a troll, shill, agentprovocateur. Whoever operates Danny's blog should delete his comments and block his IP address.
    Trent, Didn't your mom ever tell you that if you didn't have something good to say don't say it ?
    Someone please file criminal complaints against the DA, judge and prosecutors on Danny's behalf.

    This whole railroading of Danny and the others needs to stop and it will stop when the corrupt court employees have to face criminal charges themselves.