Monday, October 22, 2007

Federal Court Schedules Status Conference, Attorney Situation Still Not Ruled On

This notice appears on the case docket inspite of repeated motions to withdraw court apported attorney.
NOTICE OF HEARING as to Daniel Riley: STATUS CONFERENCE: A status conference is set for Thursday, October 25, 2007 at 1:00 PM before Chief Judge George Z. Singal, Sitting by Designation. PRESENCE OF ALL COUNSEL IS MANDATORY; the defendant shall not be transported for this conference. Counsel shall be prepared to advise the court as to the trial status. The conference will be held at the U. S. District Court for the District of Maine, 156 Federal Street, Portland, ME 04101. The court's main number is (207) 780-3356.(jar) (Entered: 10/18/2007)

Federal District Court Attorney Mark E Howard Assented to Request For Ruling On Motion To Withdraw As Counsel (second motion)

Federal District Court Defendant Motion to Stop Harassment from Attorney Mark E Howard

Federal District Court Defendant Demand to be His Own Counsel and Motion for a Judge in the District of the Offense

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  1. The path to freedom for Danny and the other supporters are not in Habeas Corpus. (unless they refused processing, and reserved rights at the common law. UCC 1-308 and 1-103.6 they are now volunteers ) At least it appears that is the direction they are trying. It is in the assistance of effective counsel that can have a grand monkey wrench effect. At this point a plea has been entered by an attorney, so the "Court" can overcome any jurisdictional attacks, along with collateral attacks concerning consent, United States Code 636. This also means no appeal will be "winnable" unless process in some way is found to be "defective". The issues of law have already been decided. At trial the "facts" will be weighed by the jury and a simple question posed. Did they or did they not do some act, done deal.

    He can use 636 to prevent the Jurisdiction from being transferred to Maine. the case is transferred to a magistrate only to obtain the required "consent" then a judge assigned. This is why no ruling on dismissal of attorney, his "job" is not finished. He will appear and Consent will be given by power of attorney.

    A wild card never used to my knowledge, is the Judge in N. H. has declared an emergency as no judge there can hear the case. If he denies Jurisdiction through lack of Consent at 636 he can then move for dismissal.

    If you read the Attorneys Affidavit to withdraw the proper words are there "effective assistance of counsel"

    The habeas was rejected because he "volunteered" so he can not demonstrate violation of rights, they did not take tem he waived them....

    A revocation of signatures and power of Attorney must also be sent.

    They must also not WAIVE the right to speedy trial, below find a very reliant case as to not "finding effective counsel"