Monday, November 5, 2007

Audio Message From Danny

Danny would like to get a message out:

Audio File...

(Download the file , then play it)


  1. Danny we will drink some Jack and Coke.
    You and all the others are always on my Mind. If the good lord willing, and the creeks don't rise I will be there for the trial and stand beside you on the courthouse steps when the jury clears you and the others of these trumped up charges.
    your friend
    Old Buck

  2. Danny, it is sad to see the levels those whom are in power to stoop so low to, the lengths are appaulling that they will go to with blantant intent to abuse our Rights. just know im proud of all you four men that have already sacrificed so much by standing up for not only Ed and Elaine but all of our rights, its not right what they are doing to all of you and the Browns as well. Beatings, torture, abuse, neglect and direct denial of all Constitutional rights..... there is something really bad and ugly happening here. they may beat the body, but i am sure glad they havent broken your spirit man! Keep on keeping on and know we are here for you guys and i will be there for the trial in support of you all. I have few things i want to do when that day comes when you all are cleared of all of this BS, first of all, get a big hug from Reno,its been so long! then shake your hand and Thank you for all that you are and have done as well as for all endured.