Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Evidence of Witness Tampering by the Gov't

From the trial docket:

04/08/2011 673 MOTION for New Trial or to Dismiss by Daniel Riley. Follow up on Objection on 4/25/2011. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit (Affidavit) Affidavit of Joel Edgington) (Wiberg, Sven) (Entered: 04/08/2011)

04/08/2011 ENDORSED ORDER as to Daniel Riley 672 MOTION to Compel RETURN OF PERSONAL EFFECTS. Text of Order: On or before April 22, 2011, the Government shall file a response to Defendants renewed Motion to Compel Return of Personal Effects (Docket # 672) that complies with the Courts November 1, 2010 Order. So Ordered by Judge George Z. Singal. (vln) (Entered: 04/11/2011)

04/11/2011 ENDORSED ORDER as to Daniel Riley 673 MOTION for New Trial or to Dismiss. Text of Order: Government shall respond on or before April 25, 2011. So Ordered by Judge George Z. Singal. (vln) (Entered: 04/11/2011)



Blog about Joel's testimony during the trial.

Wikipedia - Witness Tampering


  1. Great! Thank you Sven, and especially for the introduction and paragraphs #3,7,8,11,12+14 of this 9-page "MOTION TO DISMISS OR FOR NEW TRIAL" of last Friday, April 8th for the opposition to reply to by Mon., April 25th. - - - -

    There being I.) two in-case reasons for to grant same being:

    (1) the violation of the sequestration order [ Document No. ___ ] (par. 11) in allowing witness-to-be: Joel Edgington to hear "other witnesses in a conference room outside the courtroom talk about the subject matter of their testimony" before and/or after their testimony (each)? and;

    (2) the switcheroo of from the picture of a different envelope (par.7) to the actual envelope (par.8) presented but with NOT the tape that he uses that I remember listening to on the audio tape recording that he just went along with the Feds' presentation of NOT true evidence as they did, in effect, batter the witness into submission to deviate from the truth! Such ought not to stand in ANY courtroom in America! - - - -

    Shame on you U.S. Attorneys who also KNOW that you're operating there unlawfully per your own U.S. Attorney Manual #664 citing the Kohl case therein of 91US367,371,372(1976), and with a comparison to the Adams case 319US312 (87L.Ed.1421, 63 S.Ct.1122)(1943) in reference to 40USC255 to 3112 and our N.H. RSA Ch. 123:1 for to put into effect/ "in Pursuance thereof" with the letter "c" and not a "t" of only AFTER the 1-8-17 U.S. Constitution filing by the "head" of "agency", in this case being Martha Johnson, the landlord of landlady of the GSA: General Services Administration in Washington, D.C. for her tenants over there at both the James C. Cleveland Building and Warren B. Rudman Block at 55 Pleasant Street, Concord, N.H. This fact of to finally be put into the Secretary of State's ANNUAL REPORT of April __, 2011 for 2010 to the Governor & Council later this month for to check-and-balance these violators of us Article 12 inhabitants and Article 30 citizens, Parts 1 + 2, N.H. Constitution, both state AND Federal! This being the II.) out-case reason.
    - - - -

    As you stated in paragraph #12, Dan "made repeated requests" per the equal rights as outlined in the Brady case 373US83(1963) to try to "discover" in a timely manner this "impeaching evidence" not even seen by the witness until what? on the witness stand #___ minutes after seeing NOT it, NOR even a picture of it and BUT after after being called as a witness only "two days before"!? (par. 3). - - - -

    Thus yes, for (1) + (2) being violations of "Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure 33, and Federal Rule of Evidence 615" (in the introduction) there being no "due process" timely notice of this evidence and by an un-sequestered witness per the Giglio case 405US150(1972) citing the Napue case 360US264(1959) (in par. #14) and so to the granting of the Motion. - - - -

    Good luck, - - Joe

  2. Let's just hope more people who testified and the feds did this to will come forward. I believe there is more to this. The video that was evidence look at it there was evidence of tampering.
    Keep Praying for Justice!!!!

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