Friday, February 15, 2008

Judge Disallows any Talk of the IRS at Trial

It looks like the motivation and mindset of the defendants won't see the light of day at this trial?! So much for a fully informed jury.



  1. How can they disallow it when it is the very crux of the peoples reasoning?

    If the witnesses are not allowed to state the reasons for going there, then what will their testimony provide to the defense...

    If consciousness isn't applicable then how does one get a trial based on temporary insanity?

    To be kept from divulging all the facts is to subvert the jury and prevent them from making an informed conscionable decision that is based on law and fact.

    That is against the very fundamental understanding of our laws, equivalent to jury tampering, evidence tampering, and not to mention a blatant mockery of our judicial system.

    If the law believes it is above the law which it is demonstrating her by preventing the defendants from presenting evidence that will guarantee a fair and balanced trial, that equates to lawlessness and eventually the people will follow suit which would suggest that the Federal Judiciary would be complicit in crimes against American citizens by violating their constitutional right to a fair trial.

    There is no where to go apparently for justice but your gun cabinet. God help us all.


  2. Hopefully the Freedom Four will have attorneys that can some how state that these people were them protecting Ed and Elaine against criminals who were trying to fleece them out of hundreds of thousands of dollars without validating or verifying there invoice or claim. That might just help the case rather than hurt it!

    What has happened to the judicial system anyway? It can only be explained by the corporate fascist state that is now governing America.